Dress Code/Uniform Policy

At Robinson Littleton Elementary School, students follow a uniform dress code policy. Students must be in uniform every day except for special announced occasions approved by Administration. The Administration shall also determine when a student's personal hygiene, appearance, or dress is such that it disrupts or interferes with the educational process or endangers the health or safety of the student or others.

GIRLS may wear the following:
Dark navy blue or khaki dresses, shorts, skorts, pants, or jumpers purchased at local retail stores. Matching hair accessories may also be worn. Denim is not permitted.

BOYS may wear the following:
Dark navy blue or khaki shorts or pants purchased at local retail stores. Denim is not permitted.

  • All students must wear a red, white, or dark navy blue shirt with a collar. Tee shirts are not acceptable. Students must keep their shirts tucked in at all times.
  • Sweaters/Jackets with a zipper or buttons: solid color, no writing or emblems, and no hoods.
  • Sweaters and lightweight jackets can be worn in the classroom and on cool days to P.E.  Room temperatures vary and students will be allowed to keep a jacket or sweater in their classroom.
  • Shorts and pants should fit appropriately and not sag. Belts are required if the belt loops are part of the article of clothing.
  • Please note that denim, tank tops, bare midriffs, oversized shorts or pants, short shorts and short skorts are never appropriate for school regardless of the activity.
  • Shoes must be closed toe, closed heel, and rubber soled. Tennis or recreational shoes allow maximum safety and participation in physical education and playground activities. Socks should always be worn to coordinate with the outfit. Tennis shoes with roller-skates (Heelys), Crocs, and shoes without a closed heel are not permitted.
  • Hair must be of natural color, no sparkles, dye, colored extensions, fades with pictures, or feathers added to your natural beauty. Mohawk haircuts are not permitted.
  • Be considerate when wearing fragrances, such as cologne/perfume. Many students have allergic reactions.
  • Uniforms must be worn on all school-sponsored field trips unless otherwise noted.