Dismissal Procedures

For the safety of all students, each student will be sent home in his or her usual way unless a written note is received from the parent/guardian to the teacher and the office. Please help avoid confusion at dismissal time by following this request. Telephone requests will only be honored if we can verify the identity of the caller. Telephone requests will not be honored after 12:10 pm. Be sure to inform your child about transportation changes before he or she departs from home in the morning.

It is a disruption to the classroom when you pick your child up early, and we ask that you do this only for doctor/dentist appointments. Please send in a note to the teacher to let the teacher know that your child will need to leave early. If it becomes necessary for a student to be dismissed early from school, a parent (with supporting identification) must visit the office to properly release the student. Please assist us by making these arrangements early. Students will only be released to parents/legal guardians unless written permission is provided by a parent/legal guardian. At the end of the day, students must be picked up through the parent pickup line and not dismissed at the classroom door. Therefore, dismissals will not be allowed after 1:30 pm, except for emergency or doctor appointments.

Please understand that this is for the safety of your child.