Administration and Faculty


Name Title
Monica Broughton Principal
Jeff Sanders Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Name Title
Marie Hector Clinic
Julianne Slaybaugh Book Keeper
Kimber Rich Receptionist
Shirley Robinson Information Specialist
Cindy Sumal Secretary to the Principal

Pre-K Teachers

Name Title
Misti St. Pierre Teacher - Pre-K
Denise Pennisi Teacher - Pre-K

Kindergarten Teachers

Name Title
Paige Meszaros Teacher - Kindergarten
Briana Tosado Teacher - Kindergarten
Mandi Fitzgerald Teacher - Kindergarten
Cynthia Warthen Teacher - Kindergarten
Marie Diamond Teacher - Kindergarten

1st Grade Teachers

Name Title
Mandi Fitzgerald
Teacher - First Grade
Melanie Kayson Teacher - First Grade
Theresa Laurenti  Teacher - First Grade
Betsy West  Teacher - First Grade

2nd Grade Teachers

Name Title
Jenna Andle Teacher - Second Grade
Rachael Voorhees Teacher - Second Grade
Dr. Katherine Callard Teacher - Second Grade
Amy Scott Teacher - Second Grade

3rd Grade Teachers

Name Title
Caroline Ortiz Teacher - Second Grade
Kelli Bush Teacher - Third Grade
Tara Coleman Teacher - Third Grade
Heather Fitzpatrick Teacher - Third Grade

4th Grade Teachers

Name Title
Debra Balzano Teacher - Fourth Grade
Stephanie Brever Teacher - Fourth Grade
Tamila Reed Teacher - Fourth Grade

5th Grade Teachers

Name Title
Jenna Giampi Teacher - Fifth Grade
Donna Michaelessi Teacher - Fifth Grade
Tina Pavy Teacher - Fifth Grade

Special Area Teachers

Name Title
Kim Donahoe Art Teacher
Christopher Carter P.E. Teacher
Sherri Donnell Music Teacher

Other Instructional Staff

Name Title
Charrisse Barrett ESE Resource Teacher
Jennifer Padula MWA Teacher
Betty Allen ESE Resource Teacher
Marlene Kirdahy Speech Pathologist
Lindsey Moore  Intervention Specialist
Melissa DiBiasio  Guidance Counselor
Julie Howard Literacy Coach
Dharmistha Patel Peer Collaborative Teacher

Support Staff

Name Title
Emily Bramowicz SRO (School Resource Officer)
Javier Bringas  Tech / Network Support 
Steven LaTorre Building Supervisor
Guy Willin  Cafeteria Manager