Annual Community Events

Jump Rope for Heart

Littleton Elementary is proud to annually participate in the community service program to raise funds for the American Heart Association. We’re joining the fight against our nation’s number 1 and number 3 killers- Cardiovascular diseases and strokes. The American Heart Association is dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier lives. The money we raise helps people in our community learn how to prevent heart disease and stroke and also helps our local patient care. Jump Rope for Heart is a fun event that helps our children understand the importance of community service and physical activity while helping to save lives. Our efforts truly make a difference.

Autism Walk

Littleton Elementary continues to be involved in raising awareness for Autism. Autism impairs a person's ability to communicate and how they interact to others. It is also associated with rigid routines and repetitive behaviors, such as following very specific routines. Symptoms of Autism can range from very mild to quite severe. The Littleton school team participates with fund raisers such as organizing donations, selling T-shirts and puzzle pieces for the Autism Speaks foundation.

United Way

During the United Way kickoff our school plans events that the student body can enjoy and at the same time raise money for the United Way. We have activities like pay to be out of uniform. Which class can collect the most coins? We also strive to get 100% staff participation; this can be done by giving a one time donation or a chosen amount deducted from each paycheck.

Harry Chapin Food Bank

Harry Chaplin Food Bank is a community food bank that the students and staff participated in collecting canned goods, which was donated to the program. This organization helps feed the needy, especially, during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This valuable community service is needed because without their kind generosity many people would go hunger in our community.

Dr. Robinson Day

Dr. Robinson Day was started to celebrate the life of the person that the school was named after. Dr. Carrie D. Robinson was Principal of Littleton Academy the first year it was built. She opened the school. It was a Magnet School at that time. After Dr. Robinson died the school requested that the name be changed to honor her life long work in education.

Book Nook

The Book Nook is Littleton Elementary's path to book ownership for all of its students. Nothing enhances the reading experience like reading a book that belongs to you. All kinds of books are available for students to purchase at extraordinarily low prices: soft cover books are a dime and hard covers are a quarter. After students are done enjoying their purchase, they can trade it in for a new one! Please come and visit us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 7:30-8:00.

Littleton Spirit Nights

Littleton Elementary School has organized a number of late afternoon and evening activities to promote school spirit and camaraderie. First, there are our monthly PTC and SAC meetings to which both parents and teachers alike are invited to attend. Our special October event is Family Fun Evening. In December, we have Parents Night Out, in which parents and teachers get together. Then, at the end of February is our Staff Talent Show, which stars our very versatile and talented teachers. It is our aim that parents play an integral part in our school.