Environmental Ed Club

Littleton’s Environmental Science Club is an opportunity for students to explore, grow and become excited about science and its’ impact on our world! This club is responsible for teaching others to recycle and then showing them how it’s done! They have learned that they can make a difference for our school, our environment, and our world by cutting down on waste—they reuse, reduce, and recycle every week.

They have also learned that what had been wasted can be valuable. They have learned to compost the cafeteria waste to create new soil. We have created a school garden in which the students learn about growing plants and sharing the benefits with others. We have grown seeds and produced food to share with the neighborhood, and flowers to cheer the elderly neighbors next door. The students have even made and sent cards.

Best of all, the club has been able to explore science topics of interest, such as the ocean, electricity, and magnetism. One favorite project was to make a kaleidoscope to study light reflection. The students were the hosts on Family Fun and Sea Science night as they used puppets to teach our visitors about the local sea creatures, and live sea creatures to complete the experience. The students are able to learn about the sea creatures weekly by caring for the one freshwater and two salt water fish tanks, all populated with local animals.

This club is an opportunity for students to use their interests and talents to explore their world and to learn to work cooperatively with their peers to make a positive impact. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they have become peer teachers and leaders for others in the school. They are leaving Littleton better than they found it!

Lariats and Lace

Lariats and Lace is our school line dance team made up of boys an girls from 2nd through 5th grade. The dancers practice an hour a week to learn new line dances. They perform at many civic functions and festivals. They also perform at the local retirement villages and in the Edison Parade. They have also performed at Disneyworld in the past.


The Littleton Choir is made up of 4th and 5th grade students dedicated to singing and entertaining the public. Students are chosen via audition and teacher recommendation. We perform throughout the community and every other year we attend a festival to enhance our abilities.

Safety Patrols

Littleton Elementary is a proud participates in the AAA School Safety Patrol Program. The AAA School Safety Patrol Program is the largest safety program in the world with more than 500,000 children participating at 50,000 schools throughout the country. Safety patrols are open to 4th and 5th grade boys and girls throughout Littleton Elementary. Each year 4th and 5th graders need to apply with and essay on why they feel they should be a patrol and the difference they can make. These dedicated individuals begin and end each school day at their "posts" assisting their classmates in getting safely to and from school. 

TV Production Crew

Littleton's WOWL TV - Fifth grade students from Littleton can participate as a crew member on our news station. Crew members rotate on a weekly basis through each of seven jobs. These jobs include Director, camera operator #1, camera operator #2, anchor, star reporter, audio and Tricaster operator. 

Bullysafe/Character Ed

Teaching Character Education is not an optional classroom activity in today’s world. Most experts agree that people with defined values and a good self image are better equipped to deal with challenging situations. It is essential to develop pro-active interventions in order to encourage respect for and tolerance towards others. Students at Littleton learn skills that will help them lead healthy social, mental, and emotional lives. Students are given experiences to assist them to become responsible, caring members of society.

Holiday Programs

Our school participates in many different holiday programs throughout the year. Different grade levels take turns performing certain holiday programs. For example, the second grade classes performed the Christmas program this year while last year first grade did. Many classrooms celebrate holidays by having parties and doing different activities. For example in October kindergarten through second grade celebrated Storybook Character Day by dressing as their favorite character. Third through fifth grade came dressed as a historical figure.